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From: Rapid Dude (rp-adm@ltk.hut.fi)
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 08:01:39 EEST

I got A lot of supporting emails, some of them were cc:ed to rp-ml but got
bounced for 1 reason or another. I don't think it's necessary to add the
rp-ml email flood with all of those messages. Anyway here's one that I
think is appropriate to forward to the list.

I address my thanks to all of you who stood up and supported rp-ml and
our work here. Cheers mates, lets keep this list up and running!

Yours truly

Hannu Kaikonen <rp-adm@ltk.hut.fi>
 'owner rp-ml'
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From: "Dickinson, John" <John.Dickinson@nrc.ca>
Cc: 'Rapid Dude' <rp-adm@bart.lpt.fi>, rp-ml@bart.lpt.fi
Subject: RE: Possible SPAM solution. (Off topic)
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 11:26:34 -0400

Good point. However, the time would probabbly pretty minimal to review only
those messages that don't match a valid address.

Note that if you supply the list with your email address in order to
temporarily subscribe to send SPAM, and then send spam, it will only get
through if it looks like it is coming from that address. That should give
us something to work on to trace the individual and using the web would be
unlikely to get more information.

I believe that Majordomo can be set up to get your email request and fire
back a response to the address saying "reply to this with letter with the
same header (including a code number)" to confirm subscription. That would
elliminate most false addresses for SPAMMing purposes but...

BUT, (I forgot this earlier point) This still leaves people working with
multiple accounts of the same user name but working on different machines
out in the cold. If I was john@polaris.blah.com and john@neptune.blah.com
depending on which machine I was on then there would be problems for me as
my address would not necessarily be subscribed.

Maybe my idea wasn't so great after all.


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