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Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 13:33:01 -0400
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At 12:29 PM 9/1/99 -0400, Thomas Wickson wrote:

>come up with a consensus about the proper protocol for communicating

Thomas and everyone,

The recent rash of unsubscribers prove one thing..... a lack of true
interest in the RP technology. I bet none of you have stopped receiving
postal deliveries because you got nothing but junk mail.
As one of the first contributors to this list I have to defend its original
intentions as best I can. It was never intended to be a moderated list and
I can certainly appreciate the reasons behind this decision. Only a few of
us communicated in the first year or two, today over 1300 or so attempt to
learn more about RP everyday. While I could create my own set of email
addresses grouped to support every whim of every individual subscribers,
why should I? Do you wish to include why you subscribed, what you want or
need so I can place you in the 'correct'' grouping?

Maybe the RPML is proving how flawed our expectation of technology really
is. We want what we want, when we want it, and not have to be bothered by
spam and other interruptions........ Well life doesn't happen that
way....... What becomes apparent on the desktop is thrown into the waste
can at home, in the office or in the post office with little regard.

If companies are limiting how much mail, what type mail, and from
who....what does that tell about the future of electronic communication.
If they don't understand what the RPML provides then that is not the RPML's
fault.........the individual subscriber should inform employers or IS
departments about why they are subscribing to this list and that it is
unmoderated. Maybe the company will offer to pay for a moderator?

The RPML has reached a stumble point....either it has to satisfy the few or
continue to provide the same communication route it has in the past for
those of us who continue to appreciate its offerings. If most of the
communications go off line, then the value of RPML diminishes in value and
everyone loses. Just like junk mail.............spammers are here to
stay......... So why let spammers win?

Thanks RPML guys for a tremendous effort.

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