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Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 20:49:21 EEST

Hannu and list,

I concur with Marshal's sentiments. Hang in there! I think you are doing a
great job and a major service for this fledgling industry.

Ron Jones
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Date: Wednesday, September 01, 1999 8:40 PM
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>From: Rapid Dude <>
>>I'm just about had it. I received this email, and I'm no longer
>>willing to explain all this again and again. If this list is not wanted,
>>I'll colse it down ;) But I bet one or two of you have the time and
>>patience to explain this person what really is going on in the world...
> Hang in there, Hannu. You're doing a great job and a lot of us out here
>appreciate it. I don't think you or anyone else need take the time to
>explain life in the big city to this guy.
> We have here an international forum in which over 1,000 people
>communicate (at least by receiving) information on a nearly instantaneous
>basis using a technology that is still in its primitive stage. (Yes, the
>Internet, like fabbers, has a long way to go to reach maturity.) We have to
>expect glitches and snafus. But all in all, we've got a very valuable
>going on here.
>Best regards,
>Marshall Burns
>Ennex Corporation, Los Angeles, USA, (310) 824-8700
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