Re: Info Inquiry on the ZCORP z402 3D Printer

From: Vern Carter (
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 03:32:31 EEST

1.) We have had our machine since July 1997 it has been very dependable for us. No
significant down time due to problems with the machine. Less than a week total over
two years.

2.) The machine runs like a charm even after extended use.

3.) Print head life is related to the density of the parts being built and how busy
the machine is. We have found that we replace a head about once a month on average. We
use the machine a lot so your situation may be different.

4.)We only have the Z402 as far as 3D Printers go, but we have clients that use the
wax based machines and they seem to always be broken.

5.) With the new materials they are working on, we are seeing some very exciting ways
to use green parts for castings. In some cases, secondary steps can be eliminated
completely. Durability, fine detail and accuracy are significantly better than with
the older materials.

Hope this helps!

Vern Carter

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Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 12:43 PM
Subject: Info Inquiry on the ZCORP z402 3D Printer

>Hello All,
>I have a couple of questions for the users out in the real world in regard
>to the Z402 3D printer from ZCORP. We are in the process of evaluating this
>piece of equipment and any input would be greatly appreciated.
>1) If you have one, how long have you had it and has it been a
>dependable machine. Does it tend to break down and if so, how often
>does it go off line.

>2) How many hours/day do you run it and does it hold up well to being
>run 24/7 for a give period of time.
>3) What is the maintenance for the machine like, how often do the print
>heads need to be replaced and is it a pain.
>4) How would you compare it to the 3D systems wax printers.
>5) What are your impressions for the secondary operations to the parts
>and can you use the green parts straight out of the machine for
>casting models, etc...
>Thank you for your time,
>David Grelewicz
>Design Engineer
>Nike, INC
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