Re: Info Inquiry on the ZCORP z402 3D Printer.....we even help our customer in Singapore!!!

From: Innomation Systems & Technologies Pte. Ltd., (
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 10:55:16 EEST

hi there,

Mr. Vern is Singapore we even help our customer with an
urgent job to prove the system really WORKS REAL TIME!!!

although the accuracy and part finish may not be as good as the latest
sla....but we could achieve very high accuracy close to +-0.1mm....we have
done the verification using Surfacer and ATOS and guess what....the machine
is producing these results after bringing from one place to another....on
rough flooring...and occassional drops here and there.

we will look forward to Mr. Vern's idea of using it for casting......and
the latest resin does looks it is really a "green" parts.

one thing when using this new powder......please ask the customers :-

1) DO NOT mistaken it for a sls part!!!.....we are looking forward to more
GOOD ZCorp powders that will achieve even better accuracy.....i have even
one experienced rp specialist mistaken it for a sls part!!!

2) DO NOT mistaken it for a sanders part!!!.....tell sanders to build the
part in terms of time.....when you do this please put a fertilise egg
beside the machine.

3) "how many extra parts do you need?" does make economical sense
in one way to ask your customer.....making an additional small part or two
won't really eat into you or kill your profit margin.....we ask our
customer....well they stick to the original requirements. please don't ask
this question if the part is real big then *S*.

joseph sim

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