Re:Info Inquiry on Z-Corp Z402 3D Printer

Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 15:58:59 EEST


Replies to to your questions follow.

1) If you have one, how long have you had it and has it been a
dependable machine. Does it tend to break down and if so, how often
does it go off line.

Reply: 5 Months and so far it does not break down! Only goes off-line when we
press off line button (smile)!

2) How many hours/day do you run it and does it hold up well to being
run 24/7 for a give period of time.

Reply: We have not had a 24/7 build because the machine is so fast that it
usually builds our parts in less than 8 hours (our biggest parts), however,
we have relentlessly ran parts back to back. The only problem was: we ran out
of room and deskspace to place all of our parts!!
3) What is the maintenance for the machine like, how often do the print
heads need to be replaced and is it a pain.

Reply: Daily maintenance requires cleaning, vacuuming, and wiping down.
Print head replacement has not been a problem. Replacement depends on the
usage required by print geometry. It is not a pain!

4) How would you compare it to the 3D systems wax printers.
Reply: Not available.

5) What are your impressions for the secondary operations to the parts
and can you use the green parts straight out of the machine for
casting models, etc...

Reply: In my humble opinion, the post processing is very minimal in
Based on our part requirements, I don't recommend using parts straight out
of the machine for casting.

Jim Pike
Sturm Inc.
Product Development Engineer

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