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Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 17:13:24 EEST

I am sorry for sending ten (10) copies of the same message, i think that
this happens when
you include thr RP mailing list in the CC field or in the CCI field instead
of the other. I hope that
this never happens again.


Daniel Suárez García.

Cadtech Iberica S.A.
c/ María Tubau nº5 - 28050 - Madrid - SPAIN
Tlf: 91.358.86.88 - Fax: 91.358.94.58

E.T.S.I.I.Madrid - U.P.M.
Dpto. Ing. Mecánica y Fabricación.
Laboratorio de Prototipado.
c/ José Gutierrez abascal nº2 - 28006 - Madrid - SPAIN
Tlf/Fax: 93.336.53.48

e-mail: /

David Retallick <> con fecha 03/09/99 13.28.37

Destinatarios: rp-mailing list <>
Asunto: 10 messages

2 weeks ago I tried to apologize for my 10 repeats, but was blocked from
the list and still don´t know what happened. Now it has occurred again
with Daniel Suarez.

Anyone got an idea why a mesage appears 10 times? With me it only
occurred with rp-ml and therefore not the fault of my server.

I wish everyone a good weekend, David

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