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<< I'd like to know if anyone can help me with some information which I
 can use towards my MSc project.
 I'm trying to find information on the history/development of RP prior
 to the patent being issued for the stereolithography machine in March
 1986, and the formation of 3D systems.
 I am aware of a patent being issued to another Californian company back
 in March 1978 for a 3D replicator which produced precision patterns by
 a photochemical fabrication process, but this was probably not the
 first of its kind and there were probably more developments in between.
 I would appreciate the help of anyone (especially those of you with old
 heads on young shoulders) who can point me in the direction of any web
 pages or other literature that might be useful, as there seems to be
 little information available.
 You may reply by personal mail if you prefer.
 Mick Priest email:
 Rapid Prototyping & Tooling
 Rover Group

Hi Mick:

Here are some of the earliest patents in the field:

4,707,787 Beam-activated complex-solid formation utilizing
pattern-independent, coordinate-sequence construction Savit; Carl H.,
Houston, TX Boone; Rhonda, Houston, TX Doyle; Mark, Houston, TX Western
Geophysical Company of America, Houston, TX

4,665,492 Computer automated manufacturing process and system Masters;
William E., Easley, SC 29640 none

4,575,330 Apparatus for production of three-dimensional objects by
stereolithography Hull; Charles W., Arcadia, CA UVP, Inc., San
Gabriel, CA

4,292,724 Arrangement for constructing surfaces and bodies DiMatteo;
Paul , Huntington, NY Solid Photography, Inc., Melville, NY

4,285,754 Method and apparatus for producing planar elements in the
construction of surfaces and bodies DiMatteo; Paul , Huntington, NY
Solid Photography Inc., Melville, NY

4,132,575 Method of producing three-dimensional replica Suzuki;
Masane, Omiya, Japan Suzuki; Kiyoshi, Aego, Japan Fuji Photo Optical Co.,
Ltd., Omiya, Japan

3,932,923 Method of generating and constructing three-dimensional bodies
DiMatteo; Paul L., Huntington, NY Dynell Electronics Corporation, Melville,

SURFACES Di Matteo; Paul L., Dix Hills, NY Ross; Joseph A., Fort Salonga,
NY Stern; Howard K., Greenlawn, NY Dynell Electronics Corporation,
Melville, NY

2,775,758 Photo-Glyph Recording Munz, Otto John none

Check out the patents that are referenced BY these, and more early history
can be found from subsequent patents that reference the above. You can get
info on how to do that on the web from my site: (shameless plug). You will have to do
library/microfilm research to be thorough since the web databases don't go
back far enough.

Also look into the early work of Formigraphic Engine Co. One of their US
patents is: 4,333,923. The company subsequently became Omtec Replication and
was allied with Battelle.

Some seminal papers:

Kodama; Automatic method for fabricating a three dimensional plastic model
with photo-hardening polymer; Rev Sci. Instrum. 52(11) 11/81, p1770.

Herbert; The representation of data in three dimensions; J. Appl.
Photographic Eng. 6(6), 12/80, p153.

Herbert; Solid object generation; J. Appl. Photographic Eng. 8(4), 8/82, p187.

Herbert; A review of solid object generation; J. Imaging Technol 15(4), 8/89,

anon; Solid Photography; Newsweek, 7/12/76. (About Dynell's efforts)

Bogart; In art, the ends don't always justify means; Smithsonian, 6/79.
(describes efforts going back to the 19th century)

There's a lot more out there if you dig. Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
19 Pondview Road
Arlington, MA 02474 USA
781-646-6280 (voice or fax) (email)

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