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Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 18:25:16 EEST

Dear list,

Thanks to the list for the answers given.
This is a compilation of ideas for the prototyping of bottles, for
marketing purposes, and being glass the final material.
1.- Sintering the bottles (SLS). They wouldn't be transparent but you
could paint or finish them.
2.- SLA of the bottles, using the new materials. You could use an almost
transparent one. Besides translucency depends on the curing kinetics.
3.- FDM. Again like SLS. But some people think this is a much better
method than SLS, for bottles.
4.- LOM. Again like SLS and FDM. Somebody thinks that the best bottles
(for marketing) he's seen where made using LOM.
5.- Transparent PUR vacuum casting, using any SLS, FDM, SLA or LOM
master. This is one of the best methods (in quality and price), to get
glass like appearance.
6.- CAM and CNC milling or turning (depending on the shape). Using PMMA
or similar material. Though bottles wouldn't be hollow. As fast as SFF
if you use the right tools (software and machine tools). Very good
aesthetic look for marketing purposes.
7.- Finally, a good glass artist can make almost anything really
fast!!!! This is not very engineering-like, but it could be the best if
your customer needs to feel the glass.

If the final material is not glass, possibilities are endless, and any
of these will do, specially the first 4 ones.

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