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Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 18:57:36 EEST

A cheap alternative to all of these which may seem subversive is not to
use RP at all. Turn a blank of the bottle exterior from chemi-wood or an
equivalent and spray to a gloss finish. Do the same to produce a core
pattern. Take silicon moulds designed so that a wax casting off the inner
tool is supported at the neck of the bottle when placed in the exterior
silicon tool. Then vacuum-cast in clear resin and slow melt the wax out at
a low temp. One prototype bottle with no seams, accurate wall thicknesses
that incidently can hold liquid

Hope thats of interest

Ben May

On Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Pedro Garayo wrote:

> Dear list,
> Thanks to the list for the answers given.
> This is a compilation of ideas for the prototyping of bottles, for
> marketing purposes, and being glass the final material.
> Possibilities:
> 1.- Sintering the bottles (SLS). They wouldn't be transparent but you
> could paint or finish them.
> 2.- SLA of the bottles, using the new materials. You could use an almost
> transparent one. Besides translucency depends on the curing kinetics.
> 3.- FDM. Again like SLS. But some people think this is a much better
> method than SLS, for bottles.
> 4.- LOM. Again like SLS and FDM. Somebody thinks that the best bottles
> (for marketing) he's seen where made using LOM.
> 5.- Transparent PUR vacuum casting, using any SLS, FDM, SLA or LOM
> master. This is one of the best methods (in quality and price), to get
> glass like appearance.
> 6.- CAM and CNC milling or turning (depending on the shape). Using PMMA
> or similar material. Though bottles wouldn't be hollow. As fast as SFF
> if you use the right tools (software and machine tools). Very good
> aesthetic look for marketing purposes.
> 7.- Finally, a good glass artist can make almost anything really
> fast!!!! This is not very engineering-like, but it could be the best if
> your customer needs to feel the glass.
> If the final material is not glass, possibilities are endless, and any
> of these will do, specially the first 4 ones.
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