RE: Announcing full colour RP, low cost, high speed.

Date: Mon Sep 06 1999 - 22:34:36 EEST

Dear Aad and List:

This is a very interesting development. You can see the entire WIPO
application on the IBM or EPO web sites, but here's the abstract for your

We may be about to find out the market validity of a low cost conceptual
modeler. Euro's were $1.07 the other day, making the price of Aad's color
conceptual modeler about US$7,500.

Since there's a lot of public information already available about the
technique on the patent sites, please let us know more about the details of
your initial product and how it came to be developed.

If you pull this off, it goes a long way toward pushing the field in a
direction that many have felt is the way to go. Good work!

Best regards,

Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
19 Pondview Road
Arlington, MA 02474 USA
781-646-6280 (voice or fax) (email)

Applicant(s):VAN DER GEEST, Adrianus, Franciscus, Prins Bernhardstraat 59A,
NL-2202 LG Noordwijk, Netherlands

Issued/Filed Dates: Nov. 19, 1998 / May. 12, 1998

Application Number: WO1998NL0000261

Abstract:Method for producing a shaped body, which method comprises the
following steps: (1) applying a layer of pulverulent material to a surface,
(2) patternwise applying atleast one liquid to the layer of pulverulent
material, forming a layer of patternwise bound-together pulverulent material,
(3)repeating steps (1) and (2) a predefined number of times, so that a
numberof successive layers of patternwise bound-together powder, is formed,
the successive layers of bound-together pulverulent material together forming
the shaped body, and (4) removing the unbound powder, in which the liquid
comprises water and the pulverulent material comprises at least one
component which forms a binder after contact with water in step (2).

In a message dated 99-09-03, Aad van der Geest writes:
Subj: Announcing full colour RP, low cost, high speed.
Date: 99-09-03 17:00:14 EDT
From: (Aad van der Geest)

Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Dear list,

  A new rp-system will be on the market next year. The full colour 3d
printer is a small tabletop design that fits in every office environment.
The first model is able to make objects up to the size of 200 X 150 X 100
mm. The unit will weight around 15 kilo's and the size of the machine is
approximately 450 X 450 X 300 mm. The machine is faster than most other
rp-systems. Objects are made in layers of 0.2 mm. It can make objects in any
combination of colours. This system is especially suitable for
visualisation purposes.

The machine will cost around 8000 Euro.

At the end of this year the first units will be available for beta testing in
Belgium and the Netherlands. For more information see the website

Aad van der Geest
(VDG spitstechniek)

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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