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Date: Sun Jan 02 2000 - 22:52:19 EET

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> The AAROFLEX Solid Imager as well as the Teijin Seiki Soliform
> Stereolithography
> machines slice on the fly and have for years.

If a company is unable or unwilling to document an installed user base (heck
even ONE user), then should any claims as to performance really be made?!
Let's say I have a unique rapid prototyping machine of my own design that
"slices on the fly" and builds parts faster and at less cost than others'
machines. If I can't document (prove) that by an independent source (like at
least ONE user), should I be able to make claims like that? Thank goodness
that we do enjoy freedom of speech but I, for one, will pay no attention to
that man behind the curtain, or his machine - any time he posts here.

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