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From: Bess Macier (bmacier@andisco.com)
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 21:19:28 EET

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I've got a question, and hopefully someone can help.
When I send a zipped stl file to a service bureau for them to build an sla for me,
I was assuming that during their "finishing process" that they were verifying the dimensions. Well, it appears that my assumption was incorrect, I was told that they ( the service bureau) could not get dimensions off of our stl file. I am wondering then how do you know how much material you can sand off? Either if you are vapor blasting or hand sanding, it appears to me then you ( the service bureau) are pretty much doing my parts blindly. I have just started to measure my parts when I receive them and I am finding quite a few discrepancies in dimensions. I guess this is what I get for assuming.
So, if anyone can help then I am ready to listen & learn. Either contact me through the list here, or feel free to call me.

Bess Macier
262-884-2600 ext. 2741

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