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Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 11:30:22 EET


We will be happy to let you know what the costs would be of making this part via the Swiftool (TM) process.

Swiftool (TM) can process filled and unfilled nylon, and is compatible with delicate SLA master patterns.

Please send me a zipped binary STL file and we can advise accordingly.



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>>> PROFORM AG <> 23/12/99 10:11:36 >>>
Dear list,

I am looking for a company that is able to produce, by a rapid tooling
technique, 50 - 100 parts of a small ball bearing cage in PA66 with or
without 30 % GF. The part is a circular (diameter of 45 mm, height 5
mm) containing spherical "cells" to hold the balls and has some very
fine features that are essential for the parts function. As small spot
technology is needed to make this part, we could deliver the SLA pattern
but would also consider subcontracting the whole project. The STL file
can be made available.

Thanks in advance for any response

Paul Bernhard
Managing Director

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