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You think you have a freak. I have 6200 hours on a 40 mW Omni and it's running at 32 mw. It does smell at remelt, builds good parts, I'm not lyng, and, no, you can't have it. In the past, I have had 40 mW lasers pass 32 on the way down in the first week of operation. BTW, this is a 'black box' Omni, if you're superstitious.

Tom Husting
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    Last July I had 3D Systems install a new 40 mW laser on my 250/50. The lasers, for years have been known to stink when you do a remelt. This one does not. Has the laser manufacturer changed something? Also this laser has run more hours then any laser I have had in the past 3.5 years. It just rolled over 4300 hrs. After a remelt I am at 26 mW. The fact that I have started to never turned the laser off might have something to do with the extended life. Do I have a freak laser or is this a trend?
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