RE: Lasers Do Not Stink (And Other Laser Improvements)

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Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 18:00:46 EET

Our lasers still smell when we remelt. Do you remelt 3 consecutive times,
because our does not smell until the third remelt. Our last 40mw laser on
our 250 lasted quite a bit longer as well. Our final tally was 7531 hrs
before it quit on us. It still had just over 30mw at the end also. We keep
our laser on throughout the day when not building, but if it has nothing to
build by days end, we will power it off.

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  Last July I had 3D Systems install a new 40 mW laser on my 250/50. The
lasers, for years have been known to stink when you do a remelt. This one
does not. Has the laser manufacturer changed something? Also this laser
has run more hours then any laser I have had in the past 3.5 years. It just
rolled over 4300 hrs. After a remelt I am at 26 mW. The fact that I have
started to never turned the laser off might have something to do with the
extended life. Do I have a freak laser or is this a trend?
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