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Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 18:43:41 EET

        We are currently using Solidworks after switching from Pro-E but
when we purchased our new computers I had to find a good graphics card. We
ended up with the Diamond Fire GL1. It has 32 Meg of RAM and a 256 bit
processor. Its a good graphics card for Solidworks and costs less than
$1000. It handles the rendered images quite nicely and still allows real
time rotation of shaded images. Some of the lesser cards can't manage that.
You might want to look at Evans and Sutherland graphics cards or the Oxygen
line of cards. Hope this helps.

Happy New Year

Stephen Budelsky, IDSA
Product Designer

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> Could someone please recommend a good PCI video card for Pro/E. I'm
> willing to spend around $1000.00.
> Thanks in advance,
> Blake Tennison
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