RE: DTM Buildstation 2.020 Software Problems

From: Chad L Buchanan (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 19:21:59 EET

Seems like it was our mistake, not the software. We were trying to load an old
build packet into the new software although it wasn't obvious from the error
message. Guess I'll blame it on it brain fade.

 DTM did call us today and was very helpful! Thanks!

Chad Buchanan

Cummins Engine Co.
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Chad L Buchanan
01/03/2000 10:05 AM

cc: Ora A Smith/Ind/Cummins@Cummins
Subject: DTM Buildstation 2.020 Software Problems

We have just installed Version 2.020 on our SLS 2500plus. Everytime we try to
preview the build we get an error along with the bell blaring at us. Has anyone
else experienced this?

BTW, seems that DTM has taken the day off. Can't reach anyone


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