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<< 1. Where to get the digital data from?>>
There has been some experiments here with using scanners as el-cheapo input
devices to generate the profiles to supply outlines to a CAD package. Ideally
you would use an edge finding program, many of the photo programs have this
ability and have as output dxf or preferably iges. So far the results haven't
been all that great from what I have seen. But technologically there is no
reason not to. You still need a CAD program, but I have seen some from $99 on
up. Don't know the quality of model they produce.

<< 2. RP-Models are still too expensive for pure "hobby"-applications>>

Fraid so at this time. But not necessarily for all time.

 <<3. Disturbing support structures, that have to be removed afterwards from
very detailed structures>>
There we have quite a bit of experience. There are many approaches that can
be taken, orienting the model in such a way to minimize the supports, cutting
the model in half to keep supports on hidden surfaces, etc. Not a big problem

<< 4. Models would be very fragile, >>

Used to be the case, now not necessarily so. Look into some of the latest
resins from RPC and Somos. Still not plastic but much improved
characteristics. Also there has been tremendous improvements in Silicone
molds and Urethane systems. In fact many hobbyist are now using these to
duplicate models at home. Check the MicroMark Catalog and website:
 for hobby sized quantities and prices.

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