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> << 2. RP-Models are still too expensive for pure "hobby"-applications>>
> Fraid so at this time. But not necessarily for all time.

It just depends how much cash you're willing to plow into your

> <<3. Disturbing support structures, that have to be removed afterwards from
> very detailed structures>>
> There we have quite a bit of experience. There are many approaches that can
> be taken, orienting the model in such a way to minimize the supports, cutting
> the model in half to keep supports on hidden surfaces, etc. Not a big problem
> actually.

Do you find? I would love to use ThermoJet - for me, that would mean
dissecting parts and building the pieces with the supports on the
inside - but so far I can't visualize a way to make it work.

I don't mind ending up with a hollow part, but the trouble is, if I
orient a piece so that the supports are on the inside, then they're
also on the edge surfaces that must match precisely when the parts are
put together, messing up the fit. In an assemblage that may contain
12 or 24 modules, I need a fairly precise fit to make it work.

Suggestions welcome - I'm still without an RP process that can do my
parts, is affordable (not over 2 x ZCorp's pricing) and is
consistently investment-castable.

I'm starting to think I should give it a rest for a year or two -
maybe make some things out of planar elements and cut them out by
water-jet. I've got those bleeding-edge blues.

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