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From: Deak, Steve (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 18:00:55 EET

This is something that we have found to be a bug with Lightyear. It happens
occasionally when adding parts to an already converged build platform,
especially if you have already closed the application window and relaunch it
later. However, even if you don't "double check" the recoat ranges, you can
find this problem at the buildstation in preview. If you watch the "z-dip
distance" during supports, you'll find the depth to be zero (which is
incorrect). Even so, I always watch the first layers of a build before
walking away from the machine.

I have not found a consistent chain of events that will always cause this

Computers, they are so literal. They do exactly what they are told. Don't
you just hate that?

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hi all,

yesterday i was preparing a build using lightyear. i was expecting a
part later in the day. when that one came in, i reopened lightyear and
opened the platform file i had created earlier in the day. i simply
added the part, created supports, resliced, started the build and went
on my merry way. unbeknownst to me, while i was enjoying my tuesday
evening, my build was crashing. i walked in this morning to that
frightening black dos screen and that ungodly sight of sla phlegm.
after calling the machine a few names and counting backwards from 10, i
checked my lightyear platform file. it seems that when i added that
part, the recoat ranges were disturbed, and it was running the part
style starting at zero. i know, i know, i should have double checked
everything, but i just wanted to give you guys the heads up. we all get
in a hurry every now and then. i had this problem a few times while
using the beta version, but i was told that it had been corrected in
1.0. i guess not, so be careful.

have a better day than me :-),

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