Re: Aspect ratios for holes in SLA

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Date: Wed Jan 05 2000 - 21:43:31 EET

I have not done any studies besides just observing how parts clean. I use
SL5170. I had some parts with many different size holes/tunnels zigzagging
(many feet long) inside the part. I was able to force compressed air 110psi
in the part to evacuate the resin. Sometimes it took over an hour for the
air to push the resin out. After that I put alcohol in a Windex type squirt
bottle and shot that into the part. I repeated this process till all the
resin was out of the part. I used a rubber fitting on the air gun to get a
good seal between the part and the airgun.



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Subject: Aspect ratios for holes in SLA

> Dear RPML Friends,
> I am currently building some small parts with small diameter holes and
have run
> into somewhat of a problem cleaning the liquid resin out of these holes as
> length of these holes get longer. This problem has lead me to wonder two
> things:
> 1. How small of a hole are other users able to build on their SLA's and
on that
> smallest diameter hole you can build, what is the length of the span that
> hole can travel and still be cleaned out. What SLA system are you using
> what resin are you building with?
> 2. Has any University or Consortium project evaluated the different
systems and
> their resins/powers to see what aspect ratios can be achieved with the
> resins/powders and their viscosity's and or particle size?
> Thank you in advance for any information you can share. If there appears
to be
> enough interest I will tabulate and share the results with the RPML.
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