Re: Aspect ratios for holes in SLA

Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 03:23:20 EET

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<< I guess I should have also stated that the hole sizes that I'm working
with are
 between 0.005" and 0.020". >>
Hope those holes are pert near straight then. In my experience the only sure
way to get the resin out is to have a probe, wire, etc., that can be used as
a hydraulic (sp.?) ram to force the resin out. It doesn't hurt to dip it in
alcohol to lube it a bit. You can use drill blank, piano wire (hobby shop
supplies), many a paper clip has given its life to this application in my
experiences. If the wire is barely under the hole size the resin will be
forced out past it when it is inserted, on a blind hole. On a small hole
might take many applications. Its easier if its a through hole of course.
Andy Scott
Lockheed Martin Aero Sys

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