FW: Aspect ratios for holes in SLA

From: Zubrickie, Robert F (bob@tycoelectronics.com)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 13:51:14 EET

My experiences have been there is limitations using epoxy resins and the
theory behind the cure of epoxies leave areas of limitations of epoxies. One
of these limitations is the availability of building small cavities and
small holes. Knowing this theory, the height of the part is very much a
factor in if the success of building small features and if they even appear.
Also the longer the resin is in the cavity the more the viscosity will
increase, making it impossible to clean out. I found the only resin which
will do small cavities is acrylates. Unfortunately the SL-5149 acrylate has
been discontinued due to lack of sales of that product. Using the SL-5149 I
was able to produce .010 inch cavities in a 1 inch block. The only other
resin which I found even came close to producing small cavities is the
RPC100Hc resin.
Beth, I believe you are familiar with what I am explaining here. We've
discussed this at previous conferences, so maybe this information will help
somebody out there.

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> Subject: Aspect ratios for holes in SLA
> Dear RPML Friends,
> I am currently building some small parts with small diameter holes and
> have run
> into somewhat of a problem cleaning the liquid resin out of these holes as
> the
> length of these holes get longer. This problem has lead me to wonder two
> things:
> 1. How small of a hole are other users able to build on their SLA's and
> on that
> smallest diameter hole you can build, what is the length of the span that
> the
> hole can travel and still be cleaned out. What SLA system are you using
> and
> what resin are you building with?
> 2. Has any University or Consortium project evaluated the different
> systems and
> their resins/powers to see what aspect ratios can be achieved with the
> different
> resins/powders and their viscosity's and or particle size?
> Thank you in advance for any information you can share. If there appears
> to be
> enough interest I will tabulate and share the results with the RPML.
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