Beefy SLA part warpage question.

From: Bill Cannon-WM (
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 23:13:33 EET

I too have had this same problem. The diameter of my part was approximately 16
inches and the thickness was roughly .75. The next time I built the part I
cured it with the platform, supports and all. This worked. I have an SLA 5000
and use 7120 resin. Did I just get lucky the second time?

Bill Cannon
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Subject: Beefy SLA part warpage question.

Dear SLA Users,

Recently, we built 14


x 1.5

part on our 500 using 7100. The part
was nearly solid. Upon examination immediately after building, we
noticed that the edges of the part curved upwards and measured .030
higher than the center point of the part.

Has anyone experienced this phenomenon? If so, have you pinpointed the
cause and or a solution? Thanks.

Tim Bush
Prototech Engineering, Inc.

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