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From: Mark Bannister (
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 01:28:44 EET

I received the attached email unsolicited, but thought someone here
might interested in the epoxy.
Please respond to Mr. Lincoln ( and not


attached mail follows:

Dear sir,

I represent Ramcon-Fiberlok. We manufacture and sell various resins into
the textile industry. One of our resins is a very low cost thermoset epoxy
resin. Additionally, we have a low cost thermoplastic resins that is a
styrene/butadiene co-polymer. The resins are fine powders. I am currently
looking for other uses for our resins and thought that they might have
application in the molding (injection, transfer, roto, compression)
industry. Since I have relatively little experience in the molding industry
I am contacting several custom molders for their thoughts on the potential
uses of these types of resins for molding. I would appreciate any
information you can pass on with respect to the potential use of these
resins in your industry - they are all very low cost (approx. $0.65/lb for
the epoxy and $0.40/lb. for the thermoplastic) and I think could be used in
low-end molding applications, but I'm looking to you for your opinion. If
you have some ideas I would really like to hear about them and I can provide
samples. If you can think of other people in the industry that may have
some idea, please let me know.

Thanks for any information you can offer,
Dave Lincoln

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