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> Paul-
> We have been running a Model Maker II for about two years now with
> occasional jet problems, but until now I have never heard of a "new" build
> or support jet. Can you or anyone else tell me more?
> Paul Scheible
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The latest revision to the build and support jet looks different. The new
style is one piece, no separate nut to attached the top. The new design is
rated at 2000 hours service life, vs. 1000 hours for the older design.
Whatever the changes, this latest revisions are by far the most reliable
Sanders MM (6 or II) that I've used in the past 3 years.
I've been using this revised model ( with the new 455 build profile for
building jewelry and other fine detailed surfaces) and it hasn't stopped to
even once in 2 months to wipe a jet clean.
Paul Burr
CAD/CAM Specialist
Giovanni Jewelry Inc.
Providence, RI

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