Rapid prototyping course

From: Fábio Ribeiro (fribeiro@ufba.br)
Date: Sat Jan 08 2000 - 20:16:57 EET

Thanks Peter,
I will study your suggestion.

    There is something really important that we need remember. The students
must have some equipment to scan and than they can begin reverse
engineering. The students already have information about equipment that
works actually.
    As you have said, I need determine the objectives of the contest. Solve
a problem could be a good option because I could choose an equipment that
works badly. Maybe equipment that works well and we need another one to
works better.
    Time, limited set of material, limited building iteration, RP technical
parameters (accuracy, surface finish, and others) and structural analysis in
CAE could be good points to determine the objective, the rules and evaluate
the projects in the contest.
    A solution to a structure that carries something to a point is a very
interesting possibility.

    Someone else has more comments or suggestions?

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> The questions you have to answer in order to get to a format for the
contest are:
> Is the use of these tools to show how well they can be used.
> Is the objective to solve a problem
> Is time an aspect of the equation.
> If you look at other contests that are widely published on the TV the
starting point is a basic engineering challenge.
> The students have a limited set of materials from which to create their
> The final contest is a forum where the contestants machines go head to
head, capturing balls etc. This makes for a group participation in the
> I would suggest that to maximize the use of CAD/CAE/CAM, RE and RP
technologies the contest should be a solution to a structure that carries
something to a point.
> A payload could be an egg (unfrozen / unboiled of course) . The objective
is to have the egg transported (shot from an air cannon) as far as possible
without breaking. You have to decide if the transport system has to be
reusable. So the idea is that you have a 4" diameter air cannon operating at
60 psi that is going to eject the machine and payload. The students have to
devise a packaging that will allow the payload to be launched and not
damaged of landing and the one that goes the furthest on two shots wins
> RP could be used as a build system for the structure which adds in
determining the properties and working within the boundaries. I see the
systems having to be articulated for the landing phase. The limitation could
be to have the system fully designed in CAD before building and limit the
building to 3 iterations.
> I think you could have the system work indoors with some rule fine tuning.
> Have fun.
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> Subject: Rapid Prototyping Course
> Hello List,
> I am a Mechanical Engineering student and I am doing a reserch about
> prototyping and reverse engineering. I am studing the development a of
> Rapid Prototyping course and a Reverse Engineering course.
> I would like to discuss with someone the contents of a rapid prototyping
> course and details like a procedure to do a project of a prototype with
> CAD/CAE/CAM, RE and RP technologies.
> What do you think about the possibility of organize a championship who the
> competitors are groups of two students in a classroom?
> What could be a good standard equipment to manufacture in this
> ( the students must work with CAD/CAE/CAM, RE and RP technologies)?
> What would be the rules?
> Thanks in advance
> Fábio
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