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Karl R. Denton

Advanced Technology Consultants, LLC Moves to Digital Media Conversion

Commerce Township, Michigan,-- Advanced Technology Consultants L.L.C. a
Michigan company has developed a method that enables two dimensional images
such as photographs and drawings that include DXF, DWG and WMF file formats
to 3D Solid Models.

The process that takes the scanned image and uses SolidWorks99 as the 3D
Solid Modeler, enables virtually any photograph to be converted. "At this
time we have converted such objects as buildings, jewelry, and other
relatively generic shapes" says Karl Denton, President. "We are currently
working on the conversion of a human face using two photographs, a side view
and front view" Karl continued.

The process involves first scanning (or using a digital camera to acquire an
image), then manipulating the image to a format that is best suited for the
conversion process. The resultant file is then loaded into one of the Adobe
packages and converted to a DXF file. The DXF file is loaded into
SolidWorks99 and the process of extracting the 2D image into a 3D Solid
Model begins. The process can take any where from 2 to 40 hours depending
on the shape complexity.

To date only specialized software could be used to perform the conversion
process costing as much as $34,000! And these packages did not provide you
with a solid model that can now be used as your engineering model. As time
and client data will allow, samples will be posted on the Advanced
Technology Consultants, LLC web site
<> . Visitors to the web site can also learn about
other services that can be provided.

Advanced Technology Consultants, LLC is one of the leading consultants in
the Rapid Prototyping and Tooling industries. With over 10 years experience
in using, programming and training others in the use of RP equipment for
both automotive and aerospace applications Karl Denton has earned the North
American Stereolithography Excellence Award. His work in the Aerospace
industry has re-defined the accuracy levels achievable in this industry.
And he has been recognized by numerous industry organizations, publications,
and personnel. For further information please contact Advanced Technology
Consultants, LLC at the number above.


Karl R. Denton
Advanced Technology Consultants LLC
4778 Greenview Ct.
Commerce Twp., MI 48382
Email: <> <>
Phone: 248-363-1478
Cell: 248-789-6410
Fax: 248-363-7488

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