Create Multiple Incomes From Home

From: Peter (
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 18:23:40 EET

Extraordinary New Automated Business!

One high tech marketing effort creates four income sources: one very quick
income, two intermediate term residual incomes and one long term residual
income. You may receive as many as 9 checks per month.

No selling, no boss, no employees, no meetings and no traffic jams. Very low
start up cost and tremendous tax benefits.

Work at your computer to build a business that can allow you to RETIRE in 36
months and be totally debt free in 60 months.

Our professionally managed "mutual fund" approach to business assures low
risk, stability and a huge income potential.

The extraordinary compensation system is so unique it has a patent pending!

For a complete overview of this powerful new business please call 1-800-760-3941.
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