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From: Folan, Michael (MFolan@crownlift.de)
Date: Mon Jan 10 2000 - 19:13:20 EET

        I am researching for a thesis, the subject of Rapid Prototyping
Systems. One of the objectives of the thesis is to determining a tool for
selecting a RP technology for various types of users. To that end, I am
trying to find approximate running costs and purchase prices for the
following systems:

* 3D Systems range of SLA Equipment.
* Stratasys FDM Equipment.
* Cubitals Solider Equipment.
* CMET's SOUP Equipment.
* Sony SCS Equipment.
* Teijin Seiki Soliform Equipment.
* Meiko Equipment
* Kira Solid Center Equipment.
* Helisys LOM Equipment
* DTM's SLS Equipment.
* EOS EOSint Equipment.
* Soligens DSP Equipment
* 3D Systems Thermojet Equipment.

- Michael Folan

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