Procedure to buid a prototype

From: Fábio Ribeiro (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 15:54:11 EET

Hello List,

    I just have an idea of the constroction process of a Prototype but I
have never seen a real Prototype beeing building in a Rapid Prototyping
    My knowledg about the RP tecnology is from some benchmakers, papers,
internet sites and here in the rp-ml. The literature in books about RP is
very poor in my opinion, because I did a research in amazon books and I
just found out only one book that I still didn't buy. I have never read any
book about RP...
   I think the procedure to build a prototype with a RP machine could be:
    1. Desing a threedimensional model in CAD;
    2. Choose the technical parameters desired in the prototype
 accuracy,resolution, speed, surface finish );
    3. Choose the material of the prototype;
    4. Choose the RP technology if more than one is available;
    5. Prepare and simulate the process of construction in CAM;
    6. Convert the file designed in CAD in .stl format and solve problems in
the .stl file;
    7. Construct the prototype;
    8. Post process.

- Does anyone agree with this sequence?
- What would be wrong ?
- Could anyone give me an example of the construction of a real prototype
and all parameters involved (include the RP machine)?

    Thanks in advance,

    Mechanical Engineering Student

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