Re: Procedure to buid a prototype

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Tue Jan 11 2000 - 19:26:14 EET

>I did a research in amazon books and I
>just found out only one book

Dear Fabio,

    I just repeated this experiment, doing a search for "rapid prototyping"
on I got a long list of books, most of them on software RP, but
at least a half dozen that are on solid material RP, or what I and a few
other people increasingly call "fabbers." The list included my
long-out-of-print "Rapid Prototyping System Selection and Implementation
Guide," but it does not include my more recent and much better "Automated
Fabrication." This is because the Amazon search is not a true keyword
search, but only searches words in the titles. Anyway, you can't buy that
book at, but only from Ennex. If you would like more information
on this book, please visit

    Best of luck in your research.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns
President, Ennex Corporation
Los Angeles, USA, (310) 824-8700

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