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Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 11:18:32 EET

At 17:14 10-01-00 +0000, B. J. Arnold-Feret wrote:
>I am NOT looking for quotes for a project, but I am looking for information
>on successful rapid tooling/alternative tooling in blow molding and in
>structural foam applications. Specifically, has anyone has documented
>success out there doing a blow mold using RT processes, or the large
>structural foam injection molds using RT. I don't need experimental
>techniques, or "we could try" but real cases where RT has worked.

Dear BJ,

A powerful solution for your problem is using CNC milling as an RT technology.
This is very well possible, using the right software and a lowcost CNC mill
(large sizes are available too - though obviously not really lowcost).
The combination with blow moulding is ideal: in blowmold tools no
undercuts will be present (which mean extra work in 3 axis CNC), and
no thin walls and small details are present (which mean using a small tool).

If needed I can give you data of a customer who uses our DeskProto RP system
for rotational moulding prototype tooling. He runs it with a large machine
(ca 4 x 2 x 2 meters work area).

Best regards,

Lex Lennings.

Delft Spline Systems, The Netherlands.
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