Alumina and SiC printing with zcorp's Z402

From: Alex Salvi (ASalvi@MMCCINC.COM)
Date: Wed Jan 12 2000 - 19:02:03 EET

Hello Dr. Ana Garcia (and anyone else interested of course)
I have been reading the 1999 postings to the mailing list and two emails
that you sent caught my attention. In one you said you were doing research
on rapid prototyping devices to do work with AlSiC and in the other you
mentioned the Z402 3d printer used for casting joints of the millenium man.
I am currently using our Z402 printer to print both SiC as well as Alumina
parts which we cast to make metal matrix composites. Our alloys are
aluminum, copper and magnesium.
If you or anyone you know is working on this I thought we might share some

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