Re: Direct Metal Deposition?!

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Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 00:57:09 EET

Dwight Morgan of POM (Precision Optical Manufacturing) will be presenting a
paper titled " Manufacturing at the SPEED of LIGHT" at the Advanced RP & M
2000 Symposium and Expo sponsored by the RPMI at GA Tech on February 7th.
His paper is one of the entries in the session entitled "Unique Applications
Using Layered Manufacturing Technologies". The other sessions in the two-day
(February 7-8) symposium are titled "Realizing Rapid Manufacturing" and
"Visualization: Physical and Virtual"

You can view rest of the leading edge program at the RPMI web page at
http://rpmi.marc.gatech <http://rpmi.marc.gatech/> by clicking the Symposium

For those of you who may be considering attendance, Reggie Ponder (RPMI
Director of Operations) indicated to me yesterday that there are still a few
remaining seats available.


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