RE: Rapid Tooling Sources

Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 10:04:26 EET

Hello Josh (but also other Rapid Toolers),

I am sure you have already enough leads to a successful solution with the
huge response from the mailing list. Just in case you still run into
problems, you could consider Laser Caving; complex 3D shapes directly from
STL-files in soft or hardened steel. Suited for relative small moulds where
traditional machining doesn't work out and other RT technologies do not meet
all requirements.

If you have a spare moment, you can check it out at our web site below, and
surf to "technology / rapid tooling / LaserCav*".
Please revert if interested.

Good luck and best regards,

Anton Gerrits

TNO Industrial Technology
Department Industrial Prototyping
Project: 007.xxxxx/01.01
P.O. Box 5073
2600 GB Delft (Netherlands)
Delft (+31) 015-26 08 729, fax (+31) 015-26 08 725
Eindhoven (+31) 040-26 50 608, fax (+31) 040-26 50 590
GSM (+31) 06-23 11 53 97
E-mail <>
12-1-00 19:05

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        Van: Barbee, Josh []
        Verzonden: dinsdag 11 januari 2000 20:11
        Aan: 'RP-LIST'
        CC: 'APMM LIST'; Fisher, Dave
        Onderwerp: Rapid Tooling Sources

        We are looking for sources of Rapid Tooling. We need at least 50
injection-molded parts in Nylon. The cavity of this mold is not machinable,

        so we're thinking DTM, Keltool, Casttool, or Wire.

        Josh Barbee
        Design Engineering Technician
        Yakima Racks <> Model Shop <outbind://6/>


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