Z corp questions

From: RP Solutions (rps@rp-solutions.co.uk)
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 19:17:22 EET

Hi folks,

All this talk about the Zcorp machine has made me inquisitive, can any
users answer the following questions.

1. How well does the new 'plaster' type material work, is it reliable and
can it make thinner more delicate parts than the 'starch' material?

2. Is the Z corp machine really as quick and easy to operate as they say or
do the parts need a lot of post-processing?

3. Are the 'plaster' parts strong enough to use directly off the machine or
do they need dipping in wax or resins.

4. Do the parts need to be left to cure in the powder or can they be used
as soon as the machine has stopped.

5. I have heard that the 'plaster' type material takes twice as long to
build as the starch is this true? can anyone give typical build times or
examples of build speeds for this material?

6. Has the Zcorp machine lived up to operators expectations or does the
choice of materials limit its use. Do end users appreciate the speed of
build as a fair trade off for prototypes with a limited functionality?

As usual all replies gratefully recieved,

Oliver Cole
RP Solutions Ltd

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