Much (nice) talk about the Z-stuff, BUT ......

From: Jorn Berends (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 10:37:36 EET

Much talk about the Z-stuff, interesting also, but ....

I was told that a maximum of 50% 'used-powder' can be mixed to new powder in order to get a reasonable quality product. When you have to build a small part of let's say 1x1x1", a lot of powder is spread needless in the part-volumebox. For as a general productvolume will never exceed a volume of let's say more than 25% of the total buildbox-volume of the Z-machine, a lot of material will be lost, or not be re-useable. Ain't this a big disadvantage of this system. The Z-machine is supposed to make 3d-parts cost-effycient (cheap in other words). For building such a small part the materialcost of the lost powder weighs heavy on the part-price.

Am I wrong (?), or are there other methods used to save build-materials? (what does the material cost?) To build price-effective parts, we bought a Genisys machine some time ago; I think that this material-item is a big advantage of this G-FDM system. (But I have an open mind for someone who can convince me that I'm wrong!)
Concerning speed, I have never had a customer who had a problem with a deliverytime of 24 hours, so speed is a minor aspect (or are you going out of your bed three times a night to take out parts and restart the machine) ....

Thank your future reply on above, kind regards,

Jorn Berends

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