AW: Alumina and SiC printing with zcorp's Z402

Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 11:22:49 EET

Hi Alex,
thank you for you quick reply.
Right now we are using the plaster powder and doing afterwards an
infiltration with an PU clue. It's then easy to use it for vacuum casting.
Could you tell me some more details about the alumina you are using, the
detailed name for it and the binder you are using.
For which purpose you are using the alumina powder. Are you doing
moldinserts or directly parts. Do you sinter the parts after printing.


Jan Hill

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Hello Jan,

We are getting very good results with alumina and silicon carbide on the
zcorp machine. The surface finish is quite nice, better than the starch
based (zp11), I am not sure about the new plaster based (zp100). I can not
tell you what size grain I use, however I can tell you that it is not only
one but it is multiple sizes.
If you are using other materials I would reccomend keeping your print head
clean and cool. I place the print head (not the contacts) in a bath of
distilled water to cool it after every run for about 15 minutes, this will
increase substantially the print head life. Also clean the contacts with
isopropyl regularly as directed by Zcorp.
I don't have to do any hand finishing afterwards, for the parts I print I
use a z-step of .003" ( .0762mm ).
There is a way to make elastic parts using the Zcorp material. A customer
came up with it last year. He demonstrated it by taking a part and throwing
it across the room and making it bounce, I was told.
If you get in contact with people at ZCorp they will probably know how to do
Have you received the new maintenance CD from Zcorp, they give instructions
on how to make your parts shiny in one of the video.

FYI: Also, given your line of business, you might be interested in this...
ask them about multi color printing.

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