RE: Much (nice) talk about the Z-stuff, BUT.......

From: Pike, Jim (
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 21:48:12 EET

Interested and curious,

        Hmmm.......I'm not sure that the (supply of material) side of the
equation is where Z-Corp makes all of thier money!! How can they do that if
we are recycling material?
        We, like others, reuse or recycle the material from previous builds
without any profound negative effects. Do any of the other technologies
recycle material?
        I don't believe anyone could be "wrong" in the critique of a machine
that they don't own, especially if the machine that they do own was
justified on the particular application or manufacturing industry of that
comany. Some RP technologies better suit some rather than others. Costs and
time to market are vital aspects the must be considered in each segment of
each application or industry. With that said, customers will respond better
to those that can supply sooner than later at a reasonable cost. I'd rather
be crossing the finish line while the competition is still standing at the
start line when it comes to supplying the customer - especially if I can get
it done under 24 hours!!
        A nice feature that the Z-Corp software has: You can delay the start
time of a build so that you dont have to get out of bed.
        Based on my experience with FDM, while the technology was fully
capable, I was not able to justify the technology due to the costs of the
materials and the speed of the machine.


Jim Pike
Sturm Inc.
Product Development

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