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Date: Sun Jan 16 2000 - 06:14:50 EET

Jim ;
The progam I use for plastics filling analysis is C-mold. Their web site is It works very well for us. We use the full package with
analysis,mold cool, and mold warp. However it pretty much takes a masters
degree level of expertise in plastics to use. In other words it's is not for
the casual user. I have 30 yrs experience in plastics and I am intimidated
by its complexity and depth. For the casual user they offer a program called
C-mold Quickfill I recommend it highly. I believe quickfill is under $5000
dollars which is a fair price given its capabilities. The full blown package
with warp and cool is well over $100,000. To have a typical C-mold analysis
performed the cost is usually $2500-$4500. A full blown warp and cool
analysis can cost $10,000. Most places will do a quick fill fo about
$500-$1000 bucks. Actually if the volume of plastic used on your program
warrants it most of the plastics companies (ie.. GE Plastics, DOW , Monsanto,
etc) will do your analysis for free. But beware you get what you pay for.
Good Luck
Bob Morton
Fusion Engineering
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<< Dear List,
 Does anyone have any references to Mold Flow/Solidification software,
 sites, or services, etc.?
 Thanks in advance,
 Jim Pike

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