Looking for reverse engineering information

From: Jeff S Bondy (jbondy@howmet.com)
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 16:04:36 EET

I am looking for some information relating to the field of reverse engineering.
Specifically, I am trying to determine the current best way to scan physical
models and create useful CAD geometry. I am aware that there are many systems
and software out there to do this sort of thing.

So if you are interested in teaming up on a potentially large, government funded
project please respond to me off-list. I do not have any specifics at this time
on part size or configuration so I am asking you to respond with the following:

Scanning Hardware (can you scan internal geometry as well?)
Envelope size of parts you are capable of scanning
Software(s) for turning scan data into CAD (surface/solid) geometry

Jeff Bondy
Howmet Research Corp.

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