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From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 19:35:29 EET

>Can anyone estimate the total number of RP/SFF/FFF commercial machines that
>have been sold worldwide (since the start of the technology, all


    Terry Wohlers publishes these number annually. Ennex does some
additional analysis, resulting in minor modifications to his numbers. We
don't publish this analysis, but it's not secret. Our modified-Wohlers
estimates for additive (including hybrid subtractive/additive, e.g. LOM)
fabbers are:

    Industrial fabbers: 1998: 615. 1988-98: 3,149
    Studio fabbers: 1998: 331. 1993-98: 985
    Total fabbers: 1998: 946. 1988-98: 4,134

Industrial fabbers are the big machines, like SLA, LOM, Sinterstation, etc.
Studio fabbers are the smaller machines, often called "concept modelers:"
Actua/ThermoJet, BPM, Denken, Genisys, Meiko, Sanders, Ushio, and Z.

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