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Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 09:30:16 EET

Dear List,

Please view the on line documnetation for my new exhibition Artificial
go to
and follow the links to Artificial Sculpture.
The exhibit opened NOvember 19 and continues through January 8th. At the
opening, rp-ml member Scott Sutter was in attendance.

the exhibition was made possible through the help of many people notably
Mark Schanze of Civco Medical instruments and Wendy Lainge silicon
artist. Other donors and contributors included the IBM corporarion, the
National Endowment for the Arts, Chris Burnett (artist and programmer),
Brian Burnett, Juhl Wojahn, and others.

A multimedia CD ROM/DVD Rom catalogue will be available in February.
This includes interviews with many of the people who worked on the
exhibit as well as videos and animations of the project.

Not only was the exhibit realized with the help of rapid prototyping and
silicon molding, it also includes a Sculptural User InterfaceŽ. This is
a program in early beta which uses text to create sculptures. By
inputing any kind of text, from simple letters to a long essay,
sculptures are assembled from pre-existing or user defined 3d files.
Each object in this linguistic chain would have a parent child
relationship and be positionable within certain parameters, much like a
sculptor would arrange and position parts of a sculpture. Ultimately,
the user would be able to output such constructions to RP. The program
will eventually be available either as open source or as a licensed

Please enjoy!!


Michael rees

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