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Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 19:12:02 EET

Dear Keith and List

What a great question......which process makes the most money! To be
answered only by the brave. I look forward to the next few days


PS. Still had no replies from SiC/Alumina powder suppliers come on people
help us out.

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> To: Everybody
> I have a question to pose to everyone. I run the SLA department for my
> company, and the other day the CEO spoke with me about the future.
> he told me that if I knew of a market for a different rapid prototyping
> process, that he would buy the machine. I love my SLA, and would still
> that machine around. I was wondering what the general census was from the
> community about what other process was making a "boom." I've heard of all
> these different processes and techniques, like SLS, FDM, yadda yadda
> Which of all of the other processes is the most useful....and makes a lot
> money.
> Thanks
> Keith Wheadon
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