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Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 23:38:37 EET

I have had problems like this when I used too many vents and drains. I even
had "Dr. Watson" program crashes in the slice from having too many vents and
drains. I was able to keep reducing the count and eventually got it to work.
I think the magic number was 80 to 90 total vents and drains.

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Subject: Need help

Has anyone out there come across this problem?
I'm trying to put drain holes on a large flat QuickCast pattern, but the
.bff file does not show the drain holes.
I can select the drain holes, save them, and go back and view them; but they
do not show up on the .bff and, needless to say, they do not build on the QC
BTW, the vents and drains toggle is set to ON.
Any input would be appreciated.
Bill Bernardo
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Alta Precision Prototypes <>
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