Fw: Rapid Tooling

From: V. E. Beal (vbeal@floripa.com.br)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 10:51:10 EET

>I was involved in RP some years ago and watched rapid tooling
> developments with interest. Robin North at Arrk Europe was running
>PP and ABS in tools made from quickcast parts filled with aluminium
>filled epoxy. Is there anybody out there doing this kind o
>f work still and if so what are the typical limitations, costs, lead times etc.?
>Phil Goodwin

        Try contact the peolpe from University of Santa Catarina,
Brazil. They have some good researches in this way.
The contact person is:
Dauri Grellmann <dauri@cimject.ufsc.br>



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