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Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 10:59:39 EET

Franna and the List

To my knowledge the main change pending in US Patent laws is that an aplication
would be made public after 18 months of filing like they do elsewhere in the

Now an american patent application is made public only if a patent is granted,
which in turn might take quite a while like 3 years.

I understand the concerns of some people about such a change. It would make it
more risky to apply for a patent because only patentable ideas shall be
protected. Isn't it fair though that unpatentable ideas and aplications will in
turn be made public ?

The original idea of patents is to encourage inventors to make their ideas known
to the world. This opens more aplications for common utilisation if there is
nothing patentable about them.

Martti Huolila

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Subject: Patent Changes

List Members,

There has been legislation passed that affects Patent law in the US. Some folks
are pretty upset about the implications of the new laws that are supposed to
take effect in late March. Check this site for more information: and view the editorial for 1/18/00. There
are more links at the site.

It's hard to understand all of the implications of the new law, however, it
appears that the issues weren't fully discussed and there is reason to be
aprehensive about the changes.


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