RP-parts in magnesium?

From: Geir Gu­mundsson (geir@iti.is)
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 16:08:52 EET

Dear list members

Do you know of any RP process, which can make RP-parts
directly from magnesium or if anyone is doing research
on such a process?

>From the RP-ML archive I can see discussion of rapid
tooling for die-casting using RapidSteel or DirectSteel.
There are also some discussions on casting of magnesium
prototypes in rapid moulds, which are build out of SLA prototypes.

Thanks in advance,

Geir Gudmundsson
Project manager
Materials and Production Technology
IceTec (Technological Inst. of Iceland)
IS-112 Reykjavik
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